«Patronage of the graduates of children’s of orphanages»

Starting an adult independent living is very a difficult period for any young person. Inexperience – generates errors that can affect the rest of their lives. At this time, it is very important to have a loved one, which can be accessed in a difficult situation, who will support and suggest the correct output. Children, especially orphans and orphanage graduates, have to go into adulthood way before a usual child does. The biggest number of children discharged from the orphanage’s homes is at the age of 15-16 years. Their experience is very small; often the complete lack the skills necessary for the independent living leads to them not knowing how to set up their life, manage expenses, or self-organize leisure.

The goal of the program is the organization of social support and material aid to graduates of orphanages for their successful social adaptation into the society.

Objectives of the program:

  • To facilitate the adaptation of the graduates of the orphanage to the conditions of an «adult» life: initiating training; consulting lawyers, psychologists and doctors;
  • Contribute to the development of professionally-important qualities of the graduates: visiting professional courses, internships in companies;
  • Carrying out a monthly financial support to graduates: purchasing food, sponsoring online services, purchasing scholar books, seasonal clothing (if necessary), and medication.

Period of implementation of the program: long-term

List of Alumnus entitled to assistance:

Elena Maskevich
graduate from the Centre for socio-psychological rehabilitation v. Kopylov
Specialty: hairdresser
Hobbies: weaving braids dancing
List of needs: clothing and footwear for autumn / winter; a list of the basic needs of all she needed (at the orphanage she was not given anything to him, now she helps her new friends) food standard set (cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc.)
Special needs: Alain requests payment for courses Barber
Powered by: Elena Pavlenko
Alexandra Scherbak
where studies: short-circuit the Kyiv regional council «Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky lyceum-boarding»
Specialty: in-depth study of biology
Hobbies: drawing, cooking, interested in medicine
List of needs: clothing and footwear for autumn / winter; hygiene (in the orphanage did not provide funds for personal use)
Special needs: will continue to need additional lessons in chemistry for a successful college obstetrician
Natalya Ryabenko
where studies: Belotserkovskii Teachers College
Specialty: Social teacher
Hobbies: artistic creativity
List of requirements: set of pots, pans, linens
Powered by: Konstantin Perederiy
Debelyak Nikolai
where studies: College «Osvita» at the University «Ukraine»
Specialty: Social teacher
Hobbies: writing poetry, music, and enjoys singing
Powered by: Elena Pavlenko
Olga Kryvogub
where studies: NWL them. MP Dragomanova
Specialty: pre-school education and English teacher
Address: str. Timoshenko 2g, korp.3
List of needs: the need for all provided needed food, bathrobe
Special needs: courses in Spanish / English.
Bogdan Gavrylyuk
where studies: Brovarske School of Physical Culture
Hobbies: playing football, is interested in martial arts
Alexey Adamkovich
where studies: Prof.teh.uchilische Brovary
Specialty: auto-mechanic
Hobbies: playing football
Vladislav Gaevoy
where studies: Prof.teh.uchilische Brovary
Specialty: auto-mechanic
Hobbies: playing football
Anatoliy Pakin
Specialty: auto-mechanic
Hobbies: sports, football game
Vitaliy Antonyuk
where studies: Kiev energy college
Specialty: welder
Hobbies: sports, football game

Requirements of graduates
Key necessities:
1) Laptop — 4512 UAH.
2) Electric kettle — 239 UAH.
3) Iron — 299 UAH.
4) Bed sheets — 280 UAH.
5) Blanket — 315 UAH.
6) Towel Set — 145 UAH.
7) Bedspread — 185 UAH.
8) Bathrobe — 355 UAH.
9) Household chemicals:
- Shampoo — 27.43
- Soap — 14.21
- Shower gel — 19.60
- Toothpaste — 20.10 USD.
- Powder — 10.14
- Dishwashing Gel — 8.41
- Cleaning powder — 6.86
10) Utensils:
- Pot — 109 UAH.
- Pan — 211 UAH.
Total: 6756.75 USD.
Monthly necessities:
- Food (considered individually) — 700 UAH.
- Expencses of internet services — 100 UAH.
- Completion of mobile expenses- 40 UAH.
- Medicines (individually) — 350 UAH.
- The purchase of season clothes (individually)
Total: 1500 UAH.
- Visits to cultural and entertainment events
- Professional courses

Expected results of the program:
- Sufficient social and personal potential graduates for independent living and successful integration into society;
- Professional self-realization of the graduates of the orphanage
- The creation of qualified post-orphanage support for graduates

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this program, we will be happy to review and answer them!

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