Blagomay organizes GO FRIENDS IT CAMP for orphans

Never give up is the 100% motto of our foundation “Blagomay”.

Today, our goal is to create an IT future for orphans. Thus, we begin our joint project with Go Friends IT Academy. Within the framework of which, 40 children from orphanages aged 16-20 years will be able to get an IT profession.

We are sure that the children who were left without parental care, can not just survive in the modern IT world, but learn how to live successfully and get everything from life.

For two weeks in the spacious Never Give UP City Center (25 Veresneva St.), children will be able to attend seminars from Top experts, communicate, develop and have fun with their peers.

From July 5 to July 12, seminars will be held, and the second wave of information technology for our children will last from June 29 to August 7.


Why is IT camp important for сhildren?

1. This is a great opportunity to get engaged to important aspects of work in the field of IT.

2. This is an opportunity to pump your idea, develop and protect your project.

3. This is a prospect for employment in the best IT companies not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

4. This is communication with professionals and the opportunity to get good advice;

5. And, of course, this is an opportunity to communicate with peers and get a charge of inspiration and motivation.


What will the children learn?

First of all, it is project design, Java Scrip, project layout, marketing fundamentals and project promotion.

The project budget is UAH 232, 435: includes meals, accommodation, office, excursions and teachers’ salaries.


How can I help?

- become a volunteer at the camp

- make a donation on the website of the

- provide for the temporary use of computer equipment, for the duration of the camp

- provide gifts for 40 children participating in the camp.


Let’s help orphans find a modern IT profession!