IT Academy

GO Friends IT Academy Project



The world of IT technologies for children from orphanages and boarding schools is becoming a reality!

Recent studies of the situation in Ukraine indicate that 90% of boarding school graduates are not ready for independent life, 50% are prone to delinquency and illegal actions, 23% of graduates become homeless. The team of our charitable foundation and Go Friends IT Academy decided to join forces and provide assistance in obtaining an affordable and modern education for children who have been left without parental care.

The GO Friends IT Academy project is an opportunity for every orphan child to plunge into the world of IT technologies, learn not only to survive in the modern world, but to live an independent and successful life.

We are confident that every child is talented and able to achieve success with the support of mentors.

Objective of the project:

- to develop skills of independent living;

- master a modern profession;

- provide an opportunity for every child to reveal his potential.


What does the GO Friends IT Academy program consist of?

- English language

- time-managment

- life skill

- HTML / CSS Java Script

- employment after graduation


The learning process consists of 4 stages:

1. Qualifying period. The Academy accepts orphans, graduates and pupils of orphanages and boarding schools who want to master the IT profession. Selection takes place during interviews, trainings and testing throughout the year.

2. Probation period. In order to understand whether a child can cope with the camp regime, whether it will be interesting for him/her, we invite the children to start a 10-day test camp. The program of such a camp consists of programming classes, sports games, excursions to IT companies, personal growth trainings, etc.

3. Training period. The training lasts for 2 years. The main focus is on improving Soft Skills: communication skills, teamwork, developing strategies and tactics at work, etc. We provide each student with accommodation, meals and a scholarship.

4. Employment. The Go Friends IT Academy graduation certificate indicates the level of a junior IT specialist. We are interested in providing our students with jobs in the best IT companies in Ukraine.


The project is supported by Mikola Kuleba, Authorized President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights, GoFriends Digital, the National Children’s Council and the Center for the Protection of Children «Our Children».


How can you support the project?

- Become a sponsor of the project;

- Provide financial support on the website, pay for a child’s participation in education;

- Become a mentor for a student of the academy;

- Become a volunteer;

- Provide computer equipment for children.


We are open to cooperation and are ready to organize together an interesting action or project to help children who are left without parental care!

Let’s help orphans get a modern IT profession together and become professionals in their field!