Graduates Bag

Release from the orphanage is a very reverent and important moment for the children. They cross the school threshold, say goodbye to the orphanage and begin preparing for independent living in technical schools, colleges and universities. During this period, the child is particularly important adult support.

Charitable Foundation «BLAGOMAY» starts a fundraising campaign called «Graduates Bag». We plan to purchase essential things for every graduate, including: an iron, an electric kettle, bed linen, towels, pots, a frying pan etc.

We invite everyone who cares to contribute to the independent life of children from orphanages.

The period of fundraising and procurement: 05/01/2020 — 06/30/2020


How can I help?

- donate money for the purchase of equipment and utensils — here

- become a member of a volunteer trip and independently congratulate the guys on the release

- establish a charity box for fundraising in the office

- organize an interesting joint action, using auction products for charitable purposes.


We are open to cooperation and are ready to organize together an interesting and entertaining event.


Let’s prepare children for independent life together!


You can donate a convenient way for you here.

We will be happy to answer all your questions:

+38 067 216 99 55

+38 067 217 99 55


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