Girl Power

The goal of the project is the creation and testing of an educational program “School of life skills” for girls’ orphans in Kiev region. School will consist of 6 modules: “Reproductive health and sexual education”, “Girls and women rights in overcoming domestic violence”, “Education, leadership, career and the role of women”, “Opportunities for women development in different spheres of life”, ‘The role of women in society”, “Leadership and Career”

Seminars of the modules will be held once a week for 4 hours. After that, the girls will receive practical tasks for implementation during the week and present the results at each next seminar. The seminars will include both theoretical and practical parts. For each seminar, speakers, professionals in a particular topic will be involved.

The goal of this project is to overcome negative social phenomena such as gender discrimination and increased compliance the rights of women, vulnerable groups.

The idea of the project is to increase literacy among orphans on gender equality, methods of combating violence, skills in choosing a profession and financial independence and, as a result, increase the level of protection of the rights of orphans, girls and women.

Objectives of the project:

  •       Organize and test the pilot program “School of life skills”  for 80 orphans 14-18 years old from orphanages Kiev region

  •     Develop mechanisms for evaluating and impacting training programs in long term jointly by project experts

  •     Teach girls participating in school skills in recognizing violence and trafficking people, psychological defense skills and anti-violence, management and leadership skills, career choice and career planning

  •     Prepare a program of the educational course «Life Skills School for orphans ”as a training course, which consists of 6 modules for testing in other regions of Ukraine


How can I help?

- make a donation on the website of the

- provide gifts for 80 children.