Christmas charity campaign » Factory of Miracles » 2019/2020

Report for the programm «Factory of Miracles» 2019\2020


  Dear friends, guests of the website, volunteers, partners and benefactors! 
The charitable program of the “Blagomay” fund runs since the 1st of November till the 20th of January 2019/2020


We’ve already started our preparations to be able to congratulate children from the Ukrainian orphan’s houses with St. Nicolas day, New Year and Christmas presenting them REALLY NECESSARY gifts.
For the 2019-2020 New Year period “Blagomay” fund representatives agreed with the directors of 80 children houses their most vital needs. They are:
1. Warm winter footwear
2. Warm trousers, sweaters and overalls

This program is trying to cover the needs of 80 children houses from 23 regions of Ukraine. Among these establishments are children boarding houses, orphanages, children houses of the family type, centres of social and physiological rehabilitation. They host more than 3500 children altogether.
So, as we’ve said above, this year the orphanages’ chiefs and the children themselves asked for warm footwear and clothes (trousers, jackets, overalls etc) anticipating really cold winter, which is broadcasted this year. Buying winter shoes and clothes is very crucial and is always the director’s big headacke, taking into consideration constaxnt budget deficit and poor governmental support. There were few accidents last winter when children run away from the orphanages (and all they could wear was some kind of sneakers) and they got their feet frostbitten with some of them suffering from gangrene afterwards. So the problem of wearing is really vital and we should pay attention to it.
Below you’ll find few ways how each can participate in the program and wish our children happy holidays:
1. If you are a physical person or legal entity, you can just transfer the whole sum you decide to cherish to the fund, so that we could buy presents according to previously discussed with you budget and needs.
2. Company employees can donate their 1-day salary to the fund needs. Additionally company can double the sum, donated by its employees — this will allow us to make twice more children a bit happier. We practices this with “Borys” clinic once and got very positive results.
3. Company employees can request their accounts department to withdraw certain sum of money (f.e 50-100 UAH) from their salary monthly for the fund needs (in this way we can collect some money for the presents or orphanages hot needs).
4. Running a charitable fair within the office/company among all the employees (fund volunteers can help with organisation and suggest different variants of activities)
5. Involvement company clients to the good deeds and fund-raising, especially before Christmas holidays. This can be a suggestion to donate some percent from the check/service/financial operation, your company produces/supplies with, which will be afterwards transferred to the fund for children help and support.


Strike out marked goods that have already been purchased

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