«Children’s Yoga»

To grow up healthy and happy, as you know, child needs the harmonious combination of developmental programs in everyday life. In this case the Charity Found «Blagomay» already combines two of cultural and educational programs «Discover Ukraine» and «Workshop of Good» that socially prepare children to the life outside the orphanage, as well as help to feel as children that live in high-grade families with whom they interact in schools.

Classes for children should be constructed in such a way that the child will be interested and that child will not feel constrained and tired. So we decided to launch another unique program «Children’s Yoga» — this is an opportunity for the full development of the child, which combines all of these aspects.

Any exercise in the «Children’s play Yoga» has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system of the child and helps get rid of hypertonicity, curvature of the spine and the violation of the arch, these are the most frequent problems for children in our time, especially for children without parental care. «Children’s Play Yoga» helps not only physical development, but also it prevents and treats childhood diseases — it is important that during the course a child improves concentration and develops perseverance.
Children’s yoga practice balances the negative effects of modern life, such as loss of flexibility and creativity, and helps children to learn how to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life, gives valuable skills that are going to be  useful in adulthood.
For younger children, from 5 to 7 years, children’s yoga uses more games to enter into a state of yoga postures, breathing and visualization. Practice stimulates imagination develops motor skills and improves balance and concentration. The older children, 8 to 15 years, can enjoy more sophisticated and complex exercises and poses. Yoga exercise with partners and entertaining games force to achieve self-confidence and stimulate the mind. Each lesson ends with relaxation and the opportunity to discuss new ideas, images, or ideas that emerged during the sessions.

«… Today, children are taught to gain their point, but do not learn to be themselves. Practicing yoga can help children to feel inside a special space that gives knowledge of what does it mean — to be yourself. That self-awareness and experience of feeling of identity helps us to fully develop our talents. »

We are grateful to all the Masters, experts, partners, patrons, sponsors and volunteers for trying to bring a part of themselves, to assist in the implementation of the «Workshop of the Good»!

You can join us too:

• pay the cost of material and transportation of Masters;
• conduct some of the lessons for the kids;
• provide transportation with your own car;
• buy the necessary materials for the workshops;
• place a banner of the program on your site;
• suggest your ideas for the implementation of the «Workshop of the Good.»
Follow the links below and you will look through each master class, which takes place in orphanages of Kyiv region, as well as the dates of the workshops, their cost and the list of required materials. You are welcome to support this program financially — go to the «Donate».

We invite everyone to join whole-year program «Children’s Yoga» in cooperation with the Charity Found «Blagomay»:
Cost for one orphanage (one time each week for 15 children):
1) A set of yoga — yoga-mat = 200 UAH (for 1 child)
2) Payment of trainer = 540 UAH for 12 classes (for 1 child);
3) Transportation of the coach = 300 UAH (petrol for 1 trip);
Total: 14,700 UAH cost for 3 months.

Ways to donate to the program «Children’s Yoga» can be found HERE, if you represent a legal entity, the Fund will sign an agreement with you about the charity activities, an example of which can be downloaded HERE. You can also place program banner on your site, banners can be downloaded HERE.

If you are a yoga instructor and ready to give your one hour per week for free or for a nominal fee for the amendment of awareness of children deprived of parental care, then we are waiting for your call and will be happy to do good together!
If you have your car and ready to provide your time for free or for a nominal fee to deliver the instructor for the «Children’s Yoga» once a week, to one of our orphanages of the Kiev region, we are waiting for your call and will be happy to do good things together!
For any questions call +38 044-583-50-61 or write to info.charitymay @ gmail.com.
Sincerely, the BF «Blagomay»!

They already help us to implement this program:

Alice Bondarenko.

Classes in orphanage Cheburashka.
Held training courses for yoga teachers from Anatoly Zenchenko, and took a course at the Academy of Himalayan yoga. Alice now works in Isvara Yoga Center. More information about Alice HERE.



Shashi Ranjan.

Classes in Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation, Kopylov.
Began to discover the path of spiritual development and enlightenment at the very beginning of life. At the age of four himself by undeniable desire started to do yoga, at the age of five — meditation. Being a child, decided to become a vegetarian.
He studied yoga since childhood in the School of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (Certified Yoga Bihar Vidyalaya, Munger — Swami Sivananda Saraswati) Shri Shashi Bhushan Verma. Completed a course of meditation and awakening of High consciousness in the school and by system of Vivekananda (986-1988 years).
Was the yoga teacher and practiced natural therapy under Dr. Acharya Shri Vishwanath Podhar at school» YOGA EVAM PRAKRITIK CHIKITSA KENDRA » (Certified Yoga Bihar Vidyalaya, Munger — Swami Sivananda Saraswati) and received a certificate for teaching (city of Patna, Bihar, 1988). Since 1986 he began to teach authentic Divya Yoga for adults and children under the guidance of a teacher Shri Shashi Bhushan Verma.
Since 1993 study Raja Yoga and meditation practice under the guidance of spiritual guru Sri Parthsarathi Rajagopalachari (Chennai, India).
In 2008 he defended his doctoral thesis on the subject «Pran — Vidya.»
Thanks to self-control, good physical health and spiritual development, obtained by constant yoga practices, now Shashi Ranjan is the head of a thriving business, and teaches only by his heart.
(Source: http://yoga-ganesh.kiev.ua/instructor/shashi-randzhan)

Ognizlata Eletenko.

Classes in Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation «Dream of Pereyaslavschina»
From childhood is interested in eastern teachings and lifestyle.
She studied at the Moscow Institute of Yoga Guru Ar Santema, at the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga.
Began teaching yoga since 2007
In 2010 she was awarded by the International Diploma of Yoga Instructor-methodologist of the Moscow Institute of Yoga Guru Ar Santema.
In 2011 she received a certificate from the Karma Yoga Institute, USA. More information about Ognizlata HERE.