Charity Program «Champion since childhood»

Charity Program «Champion since childhood» 

The aim of the project to implant to children love for sports and healthy lifestyle, train strength of mind by creating new sport gyms, purchasing of sport equipment and organization regular training for wrestling (sport sambo). Beside this, boys will get a real men’s upbringing, that is uncommon for orphanage’s walls.

Problems: there aren’t conditions in orphanages and children’s communities which motivate children to go in for sport, no sport equipment, comfort gyms and regular trainings with professional coachers. Sure, if children have a coacher, he can to replace a father, he will be able to implant to children correct principles and values, help to open, become more self-confident and stronger inside, find some aim and it is nicely possible in sport…

Charity program “Champion since childhood” is carried out jointly with Training Centre Sparta,

Until today it has been opened two gyms:

  1. Boarding school of Kyivo-Sviatoshinskiy district, Boyarka, 1 Persha Pischana Str
  2. Centre of social and psychological rehabilitation of children “Zlagoda”, Bila Tserkva city. Orphanage address: 29 Puskinska Str, Bila Tserkva, Kyiv Region

If you want to make a gym for sambo in your city, in boarding school or orphanage, or to help in next gym opening – we are happy with possible cooperation. Please contact Charity Fund BLAGOMAY.