Рубрика: Current projects

17.04.2014 a trip to the orphanage “Sonechko” (Kyiv region) took place within frames of “Easter Miracle”-2014 program.

On 17.04.2014 a trip to the orphanage “Sonechko” (Kyiv region) took place within frames of “Easter Miracle”-2014 program. Yuliia  -  a master in Easter egg painting, Evgeniia – a volunteer, a helpful person and wonderful. A master class in Easter … Читать дальше

Started a social project «Healthy Generation»

This is a joint project of the Federation of Aikido and Budo » Kaydzenki « and  «Charitymay» , which aims to help children with disabilities , their physical development . Venue: secondary schools number 18 children with impaired hearing (Kiev) … Читать дальше

New needs for the orphanages

Dear friends, again we are addressing you asking for support. Winter is associated with new needs for the orphanages.We were sent the lists of urgent needs of theorphanages in which you could find the options and the ways of how … Читать дальше

There was launched the «Full Schoolbag» project! Let’s help orphans go to school together!

Our dear friends! We hasten to inform you that starting from yesterday, August 7, 2013 till October 20, 2013 the Charitable Foundation «Blagomay» launches the annual program and invites you to take part in fundraising and gathering of school stationery … Читать дальше

Affordable sports charity program » SPORTS FOCUS «

Affordable sports charity program » SPORTS FOCUS «  » SPORTS FOCUS « — a charity program , which aims to introduce more global and involvement of children in all kinds of sports. Orphanages are not able to provide systematic work … Читать дальше

«Easter Miracle» is filled with joy every child’s heart!


  The Easter Miracle fills hearts of orphan children with Joy and Kindness! Lent time is the most blissful time for good deeds! Easter is the most blessed holiday of the year. It can be blessed as well for orphans, … Читать дальше

New Year program «Wonder Factory» 2012/2013

Dear philanthropists, sponsors and patrons! New Year is soon, and the holiday bustles as well. All people and families finish or still think over final preparations for the holidays. Where to celebrate St. Nicholas Day? New Year? Christmas? … How … Читать дальше

«Children’s Yoga»

To grow up healthy and happy, as you know, child needs the harmonious combination of developmental programs in everyday life. In this case the Charity Found «Blagomay» already combines two of cultural and educational programs «Discover Ukraine» and «Workshop of … Читать дальше

«Get to know Ukraine»

Dear friends, we are happy to present a charity program «Get to know Ukraine»! The project started in August 2012 and will end at August 2013. It aims at presenting to children from 12 orphanages of Kyiv region cultural richness … Читать дальше

Master class in children’s house “Nadiya” Mokrets village

5 of May 2012  — team of Charitymay Fund, chief editor of Благомай Magazine — Elena Kalenkova and member of Supervisory Board – Evgeniy Komarov, held master class in children’s house “Nadiya” in Mokrets village, Brovarsky area, Kiev region. Master … Читать дальше

Project «Easter miracle»

Dear philanthropists, we are really sorry for delaying the report about project “Easter miracle”! We want to thank sincerely to all who help us to fulfill this project. Children from 7 children’s houses of Kiev region were happy with the … Читать дальше

Contributing to the “Blagomay Magazine”


We need volunteers for developing “Blagomay Magazine”: Journalists with an experience (to write articles, interviews) Photographers (to provide an interesting thematic photos) Designers (to help in design, any fresh author’s ideas are always welcome) Looking for people who is willing … Читать дальше