Рубрика: Kiev region

Kyiv M.M. Gorodetskiy City Orphanage, Vorzel (Kiev-Svyatoshenskiy region)

Kyiv M.M. Gorodetskiy City Orphanage, Vorzel (Kiev-Svyatoshenskiy region) Kyiv M.M. Gorodetskiy City Orphanage controlled by the Chief Department of Healthcare Services is situated in Vorzel, a city-resort in Kiev region. The orphanage can house 120 children. Most of the residents … Читать дальше

“Nadezhda” Orphanage in Mokrets, Brovarskoy Region

Purpose, objectives and scope of activities of the orphanage «Nadiya»: The purpose of the orphanage «Nadiya» is to ensure full development of the child, education on the basis of the disclosure and the full realization of the potential, mental and … Читать дальше

Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children “PEREYASLAV”, Tsybli, (Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy District)

This institution was founded in 1999. Its current status is an orphanage for abandoned children and children from low-income families. It promotes such activities as housekeeping, handcraft, embroidering, and reciting and has corresponding study and hobby groups for this. The … Читать дальше

Kiev Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children «Forest», p. Vovchkov, Polessky district

This institution was founded in 1999 to help orphans, children whose parents were deprived of parental rights, and those from low-income and problem families. Address: 33F Oktyabrskaya Street, Volchkov, Polesskiy district, Kiev region, 07044 Phone number: 045-9-22-01-82 Number of children: … Читать дальше

Tripolskaya Orphan Middle School of I-II level, Tripolye (Obukhiv district)

Special comprehensive secondary orphan school of intensive pedagogical correction for children with mental retardation, orphans with no parental custody. Address of orphan school: 1, Korniychuk St., Tripolye, Obukhiv district, Kiev region, 08722 Phone number: 045-7-2-33-4-85 Number of children: 107 people … Читать дальше

Children’s house “Lyubistok” (“Lovage”), Novye Petrovtsi (Vyshgorod district)

The “Lyubistok” was found in 2002. For 7 years period there was the kindergarten, which was totally destroyed. The principle Nikolay Zhadan found this “building” in 1999, he succeed in finding money for the restoration and built there the children’s … Читать дальше

Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Center “Zlahoda”, Bila Tserkov

There are about 50 disadvantaged families and 30 minor kids registered in the district.  All these children need help and rescue. Therefore, it is a long-felt need at least temporarily to take children off some indifferent drinking and dissolutive parents. … Читать дальше

Children’s social and psychological rehabilitation centre, Kopylov (Makarov district)

The main tasks of the institution are the prevention of child neglect and homelessness as far as social rehabilitation of under-aged, who get into difficult life situation. The main goals of the institution are the arrangement of favorable domestic conditions, … Читать дальше

Children house “Cheburashka”, Rokitnoe (Bielotserkovsky district)

In urban village Rokitnoe, Bielotserkovski district, Kiev region there is the children house “Cheburashka” which is municipal institution for orphan children and children without parental care and where 31 children age 4-17 years live. All children are very talented and … Читать дальше

“Nadezhda” Orphanage in Krivosheintsy, Scvirskiy Region

Orphanage «Hope» for orphans and children deprived of parental care. Orphanage was founded in 1999. Skvirsky orphanage «Hope» is located in the picturesque village in the Kyiv region. At the orphanage is 9 orphans and children deprived of parental care … Читать дальше

Children’s social-rehabilitation centre «Sunlight» of vil. Trebukhov (Brovarskiy district)

Children’s centre successfully brings up and helps children who need particular care (orphaned children, children who have survived mental and physical violence in family and children deprived of parental, guardian and state care).  Centre is designed for 20 children. There … Читать дальше

SOSH (Special general school-boarding school) No. 18 for children with reduced sense of hearing (hard-of-hearing), Troeshchina (Kiev

Children with various hearing disorders at the age from 5 to 18 from throughout Kiev region live and study at this special boarding school No. 18. Orphan children, children deprived of parental care and children who have been diagnosed with … Читать дальше

A Family Type Orphanage of the Mishchenko Horokhuvatka (Kaharlytskii district)

The orphanage address:  9a Sovetska Ave, Horokhuvatka, Kaharlytskii district, Kiev region, 09242 A Family Type Orphanage was organized by a priest of Orthodox Church Father Mishchenko Sergei Aleskeevich and Mother Mishchenko Elena Vasilevna  in the village Horokhuvatka. In the Mishchenko … Читать дальше

Specialized regional children’s home of Boiarka

Specialized regional Children’s Home of Boiarka is intended for 110 babies. Institution submits to The Ministry of Healthcare of Kiev Regional State Administration. Kiev regional children’s home was created to care; educate; medical and social rehabilitation of orphans and children … Читать дальше

A Family Type Orphanage of the Yarovikh Brovary city

Our family opened family child care home in Brovary in October, 2012. Today 6 children live there. One child – biological daughter Sophia, 8-year-old, two sisters Veronika, 12-year-old, Khrytyna, 10-year-old, their nephew Dmytro, 5-year-old, and also two brothers denys, 11-year-old, … Читать дальше

Crisis Centre for Children’s Social Rehabilitation «Moya Rodyna» v. Hotov (Kievo-Svyatoshynskyi district)

Moya Rodyna Crisis Centre for Children’s Social Rehabilitation was created in 2003 as a solution to the problem of homelessness in Kyiv. The first in care were children with very hard and tragic destiny. They were brought to the Centre … Читать дальше