Visit to Center for socio-psychological rehabilitation of children «Zlagoda», Bila Tserkva 2011-08-07

On 07.08.2011 membersof the Fund visited Center for socio-psychological rehabilitation of children «Zlagoda», in Bila Tserkva.

The children (from 3 to 16 years) who live in the Center are from poor families or their parents temporarily deprived the parental rights. The management of the Center represented by deputy Director Natalia Volodymyrivna are thankful for received donations.

The Center received from the Fund:

1. Household soap — 15 packs

2. washing powder Gala — 2 packs (9 kg)

3. Toilet paper  — 44 pcs

4. Wipes — 39 packs. (2500 pcs.)

5. Gasket — 3 packs.

6. Samsung monitors — 2 pcs.

7. Children clothes and toy — 2 packages

8. Medicine:


The total amount of transferred donation — 3500 UAH.

We want to thank our benefactors for making this happen:

Elena Kalenkova

Elena Verpovskaya

Bogdan Kolomiets

Tatyana Shalamay

Nataliya Khorolich

Valentyna Amador-Piloto


Angela, director of drugstore «7YA»

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