Visit to orphanage Luybystok, v. Novi Petrivtsi 2011-06-04

On June 4 representatives of the Fund «BLAGOMAY» was made a trip to the orphanage «Lubystok» v. Petrivtsi, Vyshgorod district, Kiev region. This orphanage takes care of children at age of 3 to 17 years.

Benefactors of the Fund visited the orphanage together with representatives of Charitymay, and they had a chance to get acquainted with the children, play with them in football, play on swings and please children with attention and care.

On kitchen tables for lunch all children received dessert bars Hrum. The Fund donated to orphanage bags with clothing, food and bathroom accessories in amount of 500 UAH. These were juices, cereals, pasta, candy, gum, toilet paper, baby soap.

Representatives of the Foundation are grateful for assistance to:
Yevgeny Komarov, Svetlana and Andrei Ioanno, members of the Insurance Company «Industrial», «TAS Group»

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