Visit to orphanages 2011-07-16

We are glad to share with you that on July 16 the Fund visited the orphanage «Lubystok» (Vyshgorod district, Kiev region) and the Center for Socio-psychological rehabilitation of children «Zlagoda» (Bila Tserkva, Kiev region).

Vladimir Tihostup, the master of sports of international class, champion of Ukraine and silver medalist of World Powerlifting and candidate master — Andriy Yevtushenko visited the orphanages together with benefactors and members of the Fund.

Vladimir shared his professional experience with children of the Center of how properly train yourself, keep a correct diet and the rules of development of body muscles. Vladimir also shared his impressions of his victory at the Open Championship in powerlifting, which took place in Crimea, Ukraine. He said that he lifted up the victory 355 kg, although the record in his weight is 360 kg. During competitions Vladimir managed to lift 860 kg. Boys and even girls of the Center had been very encouraged by the presentation of Vladimir. They with urge were listening to him and were keeping asking guestions.
Among other things, 3 packages of clothing and footwear, as well as a package of bathroom accessories (toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoos, soaps, creams, rings) were transferred to Orphanage «Lubystok». And 5 packages clothing and footwear and 2 big packages of toys, electric kettle, two large boxes of cookies, as well as hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoos, soaps, creams, rings) were transferred to Center for Socio-psychological rehabilitation of children. 

Special thanks for support:
Elena Kalenkova
Mariya Komarovskaya and her husband
Dmitry V. Fedorenko

Next trip will be held on July 23 and it will be a trip to Center of socio-psychological rehabilitation of children in v. Kopyliv, Makariv district, Kiev region (Children aged 4-16 years), and the Kiev City Orphanage of M. Gorodetsky Vorzel, Kiev region (Children under 5 years),

We kindly ask You to notify in advance about Your desire to transfer aid to orphanages and / or take part in the trips.

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