Visit to orphanages 2011-07-23

On July 23 members of the charity fund «CHARITYMAY» (Denis Hrulin, Konstantin Golubyatnikov and Julia Gayvoronskaya) and benefactors of the Fund visited the Center of socio-psychological rehabilitation of children in v. Kopyliv (Makariv district, Kiev region) and the Kiev City Orphanage of M. Gorodetsky (Vorzel, Kiev region).

Vladimir Tihostup, the master of sports of international class, champion of Ukraine and silver medalist of World Powerlifting , visited the orphanages together with benefactors and members of the Fund. Vladimir shared his professional experience with children of the Center of how properly train yourself, keep a correct diet and the rules of development of body muscles. Boys and even girls of the Center had been very encouraged by the presentation of Vladimir. They with urge were listening to him and were keeping asking guestions.

Among other things, the Fund fully provided all children of the Center of socio-psychological rehabilitation in v. Kopyliv with backpacks, school accessories and chancellery. The director of the Center — Igor Oleksandrovych asked to say «Thank you so much!» to all benefactors of the Fund, who was helping them. Also 5 packages of clothes, shoes, toys, and two pairs of professional boxing gloves (separate thanks to attorney Dmitry V. Fedorenko) were tranferred to the Center.
10 packets of clothes and footwear, and full bag of toys:) were transferred to Kiev City Orphanage. Also with the help Pharmacy store chain »7ya» bathroom appliences (toothbrushes and diapers) and medicines  were transferred to the orphanage. Orphanagedesperately needed these and for that, the separate «Thank you!» was expressed by Deputy Chief Doctor at the medical unit of the Orphanage — Fedorova Vera.

Also please be informed the Fund was received a letter (please find it below) from the Chief Doctor of the Orphanage — Mkrtychev Vladimir Higarovicha in which he thanked the Foundation for their support and request to take part in the Fund’s benefactors making repairs in the rooms for children in the first building of the orphanage. If you are interested to help in the repair, you will receive a detailed list of needs and photography rooms (please contact Denis Hrulin or Konstantin Golubyatnikov).

The next trips will be held in August, we will inform You shortly about them. We kindly ask You to notify in advance about Your desire to transfer aid to orphanages and / or take part in the trips.

The Foundation is grateful for the assistance:
Helen Kalenkova
Dmitry V. Fedorenko
Angela — Director of Pharmacy, «7th» (
Mariya Komarovskaya and her husband
Pavlo Osaulov and Katerina Osaulova

The total amount of transferred aid is: 7498 UAH.

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