Helping animals

We want to inform you that Gaivoronskaya Julia (tel: +38 (067) 539-82-40) joined Charitymay team. She will coordinate the field of helping animals.
Below please find a list of animal shelters with which we work and list their needs:

1. Gostomel animal shelter
Address: 213, Lenin str, Gostomel
No. of animals: 700 dogs and cats
a) Medicine:
-Roncoleukin; (500 000 in 1 package, 5-20 packages);
-Anfluron; (10 ml vials);
-Vaccine Nobivac DHPPi, Duramune.
b) Household needs:
-Bucket (solid plastic);
-Plastic brooms;
-Plastic shovels;
-Muzzles of different sizes;
c) They are building refrigerator-room to freeze big amounts of food and need UAH30 000,00 for that.
g) steel net for animal aviaries.

2. Animal shelter «Pirogovo»
Address: 186-a, Krasnoznamennaya str,  Kiev
No. of animals: 1,000 dogs and 150 cats.
a) Dry food for cats (any producer)
b) Medications:
-Amoxicillin, 15% bottles of 100ml;
-Ceftriaxone, 0,5  g and 1,0 g.;
-Katozal, 100ml bottles;
-Timalin, 30 g. ampoule;
-Non-sterile gloves,
-Bandages, gauze, wadding;
-Glucose solution, Ringer’s solution, sodium chloride solution, 200 ml and 400 ml;
-System for infusion;
-Syringes of 2 ml and 5 ml
c) Household needs:
-Old-clothes in rags, sheets for bedding;
-Mattresses for cats
-Brooms, mops.

3. Charitable Fund «Sirius» hospice
Address: Kiev region, Vyzhgorodska route, farm Petrivskiy.
Number of animals: 1,300 dogs and 92 cats
a) Dry food for cats (any producer)
b) Medicine:
-anti-virus serum GLOBFEL, VITAFEL;
-Ceftriaxone, 0.5 g and 1.0 g.
-Antiseptic spray for wounds’ treatment;
c) Household needs:
-Metal bowls (basins) from 5 to 13 liters.
-Fabric to cover aviary, width of not less than 2 meters and length as long as possible;
-Drops for fleas and ticks (bars, advantix)
-Toys for dogs and cats.

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