On February 23, 2013 the orphanage «Prolesok» (v. Vovchok) arrived in Kiev Planetarium «ATMASFERA»

On February 23, 2013 the orphanage «Prolesok» (v. Vovchok) arrived in Kiev Planetarium «ATMASFERA» and had dinner at the restaurant «Mafia».

In the midst of the holiday on February 23 Member of the Supervisory Board Evgeniy Komarov with representatives from SEB Banka met children from the orphanage «Prolesok» in Kiev Planetarium. Evgeniy spent excursion on planetarium, and then all went to the ATMASFERA 360 Play Zone Cinema.

Some guys were able to play on the Sony Plastation 3 and the others tried themselfes as skiers with the prefix Nintdendo Vi. After an active preparation friendly company went to the cinema hall, took their seats and started watching interesting and informative film about the constellations and planets, as well as a wonderful cartoon «Kaluoka´hina» about inhabitants of the underwater world. After the film we prepared a delicious surprise jointly with Restaurant «Mafia». In the lunch menu there were chicken broth with noodles, various meter long pizzas, tea and desserts. As a gift from the restaurant «Mafia» kids got balloones, which decorated a table and magnets with cartoon and restaurants logos. After tasty dinner, most of the group went to a bus, and several older guys with a representative of the fund and the representative of SEB Banka went to the warehouse of Fund «Blagomay» and pick up some bags with clothes and gifts on Valentine’s Day — heart shaped soap and greeting cards.

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