05.01.2013 “Factory of miracles” at “The cradle of children’s hope”, Novoselki village.

05.01.2013 the representatives of  “Blagomay” Charity Fund: chairman of the board Tatiyana Skrygina, “Matreshka” studio organizer Olga Gubenko and 5 actors taking part in the performance, as well as guests Alexnder, Yanina, Nataliya, Olga, Marina Tishko. This time we got to the orphanage in three cars, completely packed with the guests and gifts/fruit/sledges/children’s bed sheets/personal hygiene products/household detergents.
The actors of the theatre (5 wonderful girls as fairy tales characters) held extremely interesting event for the children at the orphan house “The cradle of children’s hope” at Novoselki village, Kiev region. The children actively participated in games, competitions, contests; they were singing, telling poems, dancing, tugging the war etc, and for that they were rewarded with numerous personal gifts, as well as presents for the whole orphanage. They got the games that they can play as a team and with guests who come often.
At the present moment 17 children from 11 months to 13 years old live at the orphanage.

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