“Acknowledgement” to the fund from First National TV Channel (UT-1)

Dear friends, we are happy to share with you this great news.
Tatyana Skrygina, chairman of the fund’s board, and Konstantin Golubyatnikov, the head of supervisory council, have visited corporate event-concert, devoted to 100-th anniversary issue of outstanding social TV program “Faith. Hope. Love.” (Vera. Nadezhda. Lyubov). “Blagomay” fund has been taking direct part in supporting children – participants of the program by giving them wonderful gifts.
We would like to share this joy with you, because it is you who help us in preparing always necessary help for this program (for multi-child families, disabled children, single mothers, newborn babies, gifted children, children-sportsmen from orphanages and economically disadvantaged families).
We wish Great Success to the program with separate thanks to the best and irreplaceable hosts of “Faith. Hope. Lve” Ilya Noyabrev and Tatyana Tsymbal, and to the whole shooting team that together is doing one Big Good Deed! We wish you to make 1000 more programs that really solve a lot of problems for a lot of families.

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