On the 20 th of January , 2013 the Charity Fund of Blagomay celebrated it’s first Birthday

On the 20 th  of January , 2013  the Charity Fund  of Blagomay celebrated it’s first  Birthday  .   The members of the fund , the  co-establishes, and close people  , standing at the origin of the fund were also present there .

 On the 20 th of  January  , 2012 Tatiana Skrygina , Konstantin Golubyatnikov ,  Denis Hrulin officially established the Charity Fund , the motto of which is » Charity for the future  !  »  and since that time the Fund helps children’s houses , orphanages , the centres of the socio-phycologilogical rehabilitation of the  children, which are situated on the territory of Kievskaya region  and in Ukraine as well . The name of the Fund is both a credo and  also a  rule of life for
those , who  isn’ t indifferent  to    the future of our country .
A very mental , sincere atmosphere reigned during the birthday celebration , the presents were given to the  fund . It was  a very nice lodge from candies , celebration cards and others .
Each visitor was presented a cup with the logo of Blagomay .
The CF of  Blagomay thanks to everybody present  on the celebration  of it’s first birthday .
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