19 th of January 2013 in the children’s home » Nadezhda » Krivosheinsa’s page

On the 19 th of January , 2013 in the children’s home » Nadezhda » , Krivosheinsa’s page , Skvirsky region a handicraft of dough modelling , made on the basis  of the programm  called «Studies of good » took place .  The representative of the Fund of Blagomay was Darya Zhidko . The visit was excellent ! Both the  children and  the teachers  ( tutors ) pleased us with their hospitality and warm cordial attitude . The children are very friendly and hospitable  (opened ) .They made an excursion along the children’s house and treated us to tea . We invited  expert Tatiana , which  demonstrated the children   the skill of  modelling  puff paste figures and flower compositions of dough . The children worked with interest and   enhtusiazm . They took advises ,  showed their resuslts and invented  new ones .  By the way ,  competed all the children of all ages .
Presents , let by our fund were taken with great  pleasure .
It’s worth saying that there were but a few working  computers except those , which  Darya brought .

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