A Trip to the Mishchenko Family-Type Orphanage

December 1, 2012 founders of the Blagomay Fund Konstantin Golubyatnikov and Denis Hrulin had carried out the first trip to the Mishchenko family-type orphanage, which is located in Gorohuvatka village, Sovetska str. 9a (Kagarlyk region of Kyiv). The orphanage is under guardianship of Blagomay. Soon a new section of the family-type orphanages, which are under the guardianship of the Found will be available on site. Family-type orphanages are homes where the existing family takes care of orphans or children whose parents are deprived of parental rights, but no more than 10 children. The state pays a monthly compensation for such families (about 2,000 USD), which is not enough for a normal existence and healthy development of children.
Family-type orphanage in Gorohuvatka was organized by a priest of the Orthodox Church Mishchenko Sergey Alekseevich and his wife Mishchenko Elena Vasilyevna. They have 9 children — 5 boys and 4 girls at the age from 4 to 18 years.
They have a small farm, a few cows, pigs, poultry. Children live in normal conditions, each has 7 square meters according to the law. But the family is constructing a 2-storey extension to make a large kitchen with a big table, and to build four rooms for older children. They need furniture to equip rooms. Separately they want to rebuild the shed to the gym to enable children to develop physically.

Mishchenko family welcomes us very hearty, children helped us to bring gifts: fruits, warm clothes and shoes, Christmas toys, 25 games for logic and memory. Mother Elena made Ukrainian borscht and porridge, and gave us icons. Great appreciation for that! While children were assorting gifts, Father Sergey and Mother Elena told about the history of their life and about the difficulties they should face in the education of so many children. Sergey said that he accepted the dignity of a priest at the age of 33, after he promised in pray to God that if God will heal Elena from a terminal illness, he will study to be a priest. Mother Elena has a gift of manipulative therapist or «chiropractor» as they say. Her talent is known not only in Kagarlyk area but and people from all over Ukraine come.
At the moment, the orphanage needs: the school office, home appliances, especially for the kitchen, furniture for children’s rooms, sports equipment for the gym, hygiene, organization of New Year celebration, also building materials for a second home equipment for the children.

Thanks to all benefactors of the Fund, thanks to which travel to the orphanage was feasible and thanks to which we have goods and gifts in our stock!
For any questions about assistance for family-type orphanage in Gorohuvatka call the office of the Fund: 044-583-50-61 or write to info.charitymay@gmail.com.

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