New Year program «Wonder Factory» 2012/2013

Dear philanthropists, sponsors and patrons!
New Year is soon, and the holiday bustles as well. All people and families finish or still think over final preparations for the holidays. Where to celebrate St. Nicholas Day? New Year? Christmas? … How to spend these days? .. What gifts to buy for the family, close friends and of course children .. Everybody cares about this, regardless of wealth and budget of events. But what kids who celebrate these holidays without parents in orphanages do? They do not have finances at all, even to buy a gift for themselves?
We ask you to support a Christmas charity event «Wonder Factory» and to take an active part in partnership with the charity fund «Blahomay». At the New Year’s Eve we will organize a campaign to collect the most useful and most needed gifts for children in our 14 orphanages.
Remember that the actions adorn the person, and the more good deeds she performs, the better memories remain for descendant!

If you do not have time or opportunity to meet directly with the children, you can:

1) send your gift through the Fund (deliver it to the Fund office or storehouse);
2) transfer donation to the account of Fund (we are going to buy a gift for a child); believe, even 1 UAH donated by you is very important!
3) assist in the conduct of the event: event program / games / quizzes / contests;
4) arrange a transportation for children to performance in Kiev or bring performance / actors to the orphanage.

«On the New Year, when every child wants attention, surprises, gifts, love, every child should feel care and kindness, if not parent’s just human. Kids always remember the New Year gifts, and it’s very important to believe in the miracle of St. Nicholas and Santa Claus and to believe in good. Therefore, let our joint efforts make dreams of children come true!»
We are grateful for any support and help! To implement the New Year charity project «Blahomay» and our wards need assistance and participation of a wide range of people!
To get a list of desired gifts for orphanages or to become a partner of this program — email us at or call 044-583-50-61.

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