«Full School Bag» 2020


September 1- the Day of Knowledge, As much as for the children of wealthy families also for children in orphanages in Ukraine mean  the long-awaited meeting with the school. And this day should be a holiday, and during the school year — a comfortable studing that allows the existence of the necessary school office and school uniforms for every child.

The main aim of the program : preparation for the new 2017 school year for orphans and children divested of parental care living in orphanages in Ukraine. The program involves the collection for orphans school supplies :  textbooks, sports uniforms, school uniforms and shoes.

Everyone (physical persons ,  juridic persons, and the organizations) can take part in the project and help children.

Today the question of providing children in child’s establishments by necessary things:

- backpacks;

- school stock;

- a school uniform for girls;

- a school uniform for boys;

- footwear for school (shoes, sandals) for girls and for boys;

- sportswear;

- sneakers;

- sports bags.

- and other hot needs.

We have received requests with the concrete list and amount of needs for each orphanage. ( It is necessary to consider that in each establishment the different number of children  and  different age category).

Below, you can determine what the orphanage you would like to help, and what amount  you want to send, please let us know about your money transfer (we would add your scrip to a concrete orphanage) and we will send you a reporting payable and receivable stationery.

Thanks to you hundreds of children will go to school happy. Moreover, similar programs give to the children living in orphanages, understanding that they are necessary , and it helps to shape an open and positive attitude towards the world and people.

Friends, also we very need your help in INFORMATION SUPPORT among as it is possible bigger number of not indifferent people to the current problems and cares of children without parental support. If you have an opportunity to place information on work and activities of our BLAGOMAY fund, thus is information to support aid programs to orphanages, we will be very grateful to you. And also we will be very grateful for placement of banners of fund on information portals, magazines and other websites.
Yours faithfully,Dear reader of this news, if you also want to help children from orphanages of Ukraine, you can having followed make this link the charitable gift by any method, convenient for you, on the website of BLAGOMAY fund. Also, we will be very grateful to you if you are signed on regular donations to children in orphanages of Ukraine through giving in your bank of the application on a regular payment on bank couples of BLAGOMAY fund, either through the Privat24 system, or via the website of BLAGOMAY fund, and then every month the bag established by you will be charged automatically off your account.   Regularity of donations — stability of the future of children from orphanages!

Hurry to do good deeds!

BF «Blagomay» (to contact us)

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