The «Workshop of Good»

My childhood prayer always ended with the words: «God please made all the people happy and kind!». At that time I did not understand how it can improve the world, simply asked God to do so.

Once I first heard the saying, «If you want to change the world, start with yourself!». Of course at that age I did not realize the depth of that saying, but I was absolutely sure that it carries something very important and deep. It really is! Now every day I give my time, care to children, which really need this. To those who do not have parents near by because of fate or coincidence, and those who can not be warmed up with parents’ love, and take a lot of important and necessary experience for happy life in this world.

«Workshop of Good» takes place almost every week throughout the year. Representatives and volunteers of the Charity Found «BLAGOMAY» together with the Masters (coaches) visit orphanages to help kids to find their identity and develop their talents through master classes, conducted by Masters.

Each workshop has been prepared by professionals of art lesson or training. Master classes are aimed at adaptation of children to social life in the community. They are held to give children good care, to discover new types of work, to convey the most important knowledge and experience, to form in every child a complete personality, to feel the heart with kindness and love!
In preparing the program, we took into account the interests and wishes of children, so they can feel themselves heard and wanted, and everyone could learn exactly what she or he likes to do the most.

The program consists of two courses:

1. Creative


The purpose of the course is to find the talents and to develop creative potential of children, as well as to give a lot of happy and positive emotions.
Kids with one of the best Masters of art learn how to make jewelry by their own, clay modeling, straw weaving, wool felting, a doll – Motanka making, stuffed animals sewing, soap making, pysanka painting, decoupage and more. This kind of training also makes a friendly team of children.

2. Training

The purpose of the course is to help kids to join any team and to be adapted to the outside world and to cultivate an interest in self-development.

One of the best trainers (experts) performs initially prepared mini-trainings for kids, the same they teach students in their seminars and trainings. By participating in these workshops, children learn to build relationships in the community and with the opposite sex, to resolve conflicts, to develop leadership skills, to set goals, to monitor their appearance, to behave at an interview for employment, the basics of friendship and kindness, as well as the laws and relationships.

Your participation:

We are grateful to all the Masters, experts, partners, patrons, sponsors and volunteers for trying to bring a part of themselves, to assist in the implementation of the «Workshop of the Good»!

You can join us too:

• pay the cost of material and transportation of Masters;
• conduct some of the lessons for the kids;
• provide transportation with your own car;
• buy the necessary materials for the workshops;
• place a banner of the program on your site;
• suggest your ideas for the implementation of the «Workshop of the Good.»
Follow the links below and you will look through each master class, which takes place in orphanages of Kyiv region, as well as the dates of the workshops, their cost and the list of required materials. You are welcome to support this program financially — go to the «Donate».

Master Classes Description

For any questions and suggestions call +38 096-366-97-90 Tatiana or +38 044-583-50-61 or write to

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