Like Camp Report

From September 20 to September 26, 2020, we held our Like Camp — a psychological support camp for 30 teenagers from Ukrainian orphanages. This is the final camp within the framework of the annual program of psychological support and rehabilitation, in which the children spend the entire 2020.
We are very grateful for your support throughout the year on this project and financial assistance!

«Like Camp: like your life!» Is a unique charity project that has already helped 30 children aged 13-17 from orphanages who participate in the program all year round to gain inner strength, accept themselves and believe in a bright future. Learn the tools that allow you to find resources in yourself and outside. Work through your own fears, unforgiveness and resentment.

The participants spent a whole week in the camp, where every day was full of theory and practical tasks, outdoor games and meditation.

Organizers — All-Ukrainian charitable foundation «You can» and — CF «Blagomay».
- trainings and master classes on health and longevity;
- trainings on the correct daily routine, nutrition and sports;
- the basics of psychology and bodily practices;
- psychological rehabilitation;
- psychology of family and family relations:

- topics for girls and boys about body culture, relationships and their models;
- meditation, prayer, the practice of gratitude and forgiveness.

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