The program «Full Portfolio» rendered the help to the House of the Child, Nikolaev.

In the amount of UAH 10,866.50, the project for the «Full Portfolio» purchased:
Album for drawing A4 of 80 pieces.
Eraser 30 pcs.
Gouache 12col. 20ml 20 pcs.
Notebook 12 sheets. cell 50 pcs.
Notebook 18 sheets. cell 50 pcs.
Notebook 18 sheets. Line of 50 pieces.
Notebook 36 sheets. cell 45 pcs.
Notebook 36 sheets. line 30 pcs.
Glue-pencil 8g 30 pcs.
Notebook 48 sheets. cell 30 pcs.
Notebook 48 sheets. Line of 30 pieces.
Set of covers for notebooks (for 10 pieces) 3 pieces.
Ruler plastic 30 cm 30 pieces.
Cover for textbooks set of 10 pieces.
Pencil case soft 40 pcs.
School diary 5 pcs.
PVA glue of 50 ml with the batcher of 30 pieces.
Colored pencils 12 circles. 30 pcs.
Colored paper A4 14 sheets. 40 pcs.
Felt-tip pens 12col. 20 pcs.
Sharpener 30 pcs.
Handle oil blue 50 pcs.
Watercolor paints 12kol. 20 pcs.
Compass 5 pcs.
Total: UAH 10,866.50

This help was delivered to the Nikolaev orphanage, Nikolaev.
We are grateful for the donations for the project to our philanthropists — individuals.

You can also become a part of good deeds — you can make a transfer for any amount comfortable for you on our website or — on the card of the fund «Blagomay»:
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