School of life skills for girls Girl Power.

Finally, we announce our new project

‼ ️Supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine Embassy Kyiv Ukraine Tetyana Podobinska-Shtyk we open a school of life skills for girls GIRL POWER‼ ️

Girl Power is:
development of social and psychological skills for 80 girls aged 14-18 from orphanages and boarding schools in Kyiv region
improving literacy among orphans on gender equality, methods of combating violence, skills of choice of profession and financial independence and, as a result, increasing the level of protection of the rights of orphans, girls and women
combating negative social phenomena such as gender discrimination and empowering women and vulnerable groups by raising awareness among target groups.

Curricula and courses for girls with 6 modules:
«Reproductive health and sex education»
«Rights of girls and women in overcoming domestic violence»
«Self-education, increasing personal efficiency»
«The role of women in society»
«Development opportunities for girls in various fields, professions»
Leadership and Career

modular seminars, which will be held once a week for 4 hours with speakers and professionals in a specific topic

your company can become a project sponsor
provide gifts for 80 project participants
organize a tour of your company for a group of participants

Let’s change the world for the better together!

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