Report on the work done for July.

Send a message to the Blagomai Foundation for the linden 2020.

194 benefactors for the month!
All blessed extras — 636 yew. UAH 162 85 kopecks
For the linden trees, we got help for 212 yew. 442 hry. 84 kopecks

The main emphasis of our help in linen bouv is on the program «Day to get children.» You can learn more about the pictured sound delivered to the child’s booths in more detail.

6 children from children’s buddies of Ukraine have taken part in a holy visit within the LIKE CAMP project — a camp of psychological children.

Dyakuumo from the children to the benefactors of the month:
U.S. Embassy in Ukraine
1 Bank TOV «D-I-M»
PepsiCo Foundation
TOV «SK» Lіmіt »
TOV Midsan

Lipnya volunteer — Tetyana Skachkova.

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You friends can learn about the ability to help children!


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