Report on the work done in June.

Our report for June 2020 is for your attention.

We are grateful for every donation you made, and we were able to provide orphanages with the necessary.

166 philanthropists per month!
Total charitable contributions — 523 thousand 752 UAH. 14 kop.
In June, we purchased UAH 729,198 in aid. 30 kop.

The focus of assistance for June is on our two projects: «Medical Office» and «Children’s Day».

You can read more about the purchased items of assistance in the image of our report.

Thank you on behalf of the children to the companies that helped:
Limit Company
Friends of Children Charitable Foundation

Let’s hurry to do good deeds:
mark in the post a friend who likes to sow good
spread this post in your pages — and it will be a small good deed!

Maybe thanks to you friends will be able to learn about the opportunity to help children!

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