The Blagomay team provided assistance to the Tarashchensky geriatric boarding house, p. Chernin, Kiev region.

The main direct helper of our foundation is that of helping children in children’s booths. That іnodі mi dopomagaєmo і lonely lіtnіm people in boarding houses.

In the amount of 10010 UAH. added:
Thickened milk 370g — 35 pcs.
Plastivtsі v_vsyanі 0,8kg — 36 pcs.
Grits of Grechan 1kg — 36 pcs.
Pshono 1kg — 36 pcs.
Krupa Yachna 0.8kg — 36 pcs.
Steamed rice 1kg — 36 pcs.
Aqua Sardini 230g — 36 pcs.

Qiu got help in
Tarashchansky geriatrichesky boarding house, village of Chernin, Tarashchansky district, Kiev region.

Vdyachnі for donation of our blessings - Olenі Pavlenko.

You can also become a part of Dobrich reference — you can have a good change to be comfortable for you on our website: or to the Blagomai fund card:
5169 3305 2197 9945

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