Shamed the heat!

If you don’t want to donate money to you, then the Blagomai Foundation will wipe out the first prize for the contest “Blagodiyina Ukraine” in the nomination “Blagodaynіn blessing and blessing”:

That zvyazku quarantined not v_dbulosya delivery of prizes. In Ukraine, the benefits of Ukraine are bestowed upon you to give awards to nominees in the office, if quarantine is relaxed.

On the first year of their birth, we rejected the mi — «Blagomai.» We are being handed over by the President of the Association of Societies - Oleksandr Maksimchuk.

We are very honored and motivated to express our views for our Wow Kids Forum project, which is held on two and a half at a time for nearly thousands of children and children in Ukraine.

Kozhen Wow Kids Forum — All in all, I want to deceive knowledge and skills with finance, leadership, and dedication. I’ll ask you to give a short list of mentors and mentors, as well as conduct lectures and miner classes. In the organization of large-scale activities take more than 250 people.

Rozvivaєmosya і in a straightway sanctify. There are two main tabor channels, a telegram channel for children and children and an online channel, as well as an online platform.

We’re in the “Blagomai” plan to save you a lot of money, add more children to our turbo bots and give them some cool projects, give them the best knowledge for a good Maybut!

At once, we can do more good!

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