Transfer of assistance under the Blagomai Foundation project with PepsiCo Ukraine to the Clinical Emergency Hospital of Lviv.

1 million 349 yew 100 UAH!

It’s such a sum of help, as a foundation, the Blagomai Foundation donated to the “Clinical Licensing Medical Assistance of the City of Lviv” as part of the beneficent project PepsiCo Ukraine i PepsiCo Global Fund.

Submitted by:
4000 costume
4000 masks
4000 raspiratorіv
4000 mitt

On Cherzі delivery help in the Lіkarnі Vishnevogo and Vishgorod.

Nagadaєmo, the company PepsiCo donated 8 mil UAH to our Blagomai foundation.

Let me say directly to the performance of medical practitioners and children from children in Ukraine.

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