Assistance transfer within the framework of the Blagomai Foundation project with PepsiCo Ukraine to hospitals in Odessa and Kiev.

3 388 000 UAH.! The very sum is helped by the sum, as if with the command of the Blagomai foundation, that company PepsiCo Ukraine was handed over to the two companies of Ukraine — Odessa and Kyiv:

Komunalne nekommertsіyne pidprіmstvo «Dityacha mіska klіnіchna lіkarnya ı3″ Odessa mіskі Radi;

Komunalne nekommertsіyne pidprimstvo «Odessa Regional Center for Emergency Medical Assistance and Disaster Medicine» Odessa Regional for the sake of;

Komunalne nekommertsіne pidprimstvo «Kyiv Regional Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine» Kyiv Regional.

To the doctors of these mortgages, they handed over 8000 sets to an indivisible zahist:
biochemistry analyzer

Mi vіdchuvaєmo neymovіrne pіdnesennya love u sertsі. Itself so pour on people good deeds.

I will help you to reprieve the offensive tidings of the city of Lviv, Cherry and Vishgorod.

Nagadaєmo, the company PepsiCo donated 8 million hryvnias to the Blagomai fund.

For the most part, go directly to the performance of medical practitioners and children from children in Ukraine.

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