The Medical Cabinet program assisted the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children, Chernivtsi.

According to the project «Medicinal Cabinet», the following were arrived:
5 electronic thermometers
mechanical tonometer
2 non-contact thermometers
ultrasound ultrasound
Compressor inhibitor
200 medical masks
Rostir pidlogovy z vagami
300 disposable mittens
10l hand antiseptics

I’ll help you all, I will pay 25,000 UAH for the sum of money. delivered to the Center for Social-Psychological Rehab Children Service at the right of children of the Chernivtsi ODE.

Vdyachny for donating to the Medicine Cabinet project to our beneficiaries - individuals.

More details about the consumption in medical products and you can bachiti on our website in the  «Medicinal cabinet»:

And in the “Donate” event, you can take part in good faith — don’t go out of your way to the house and bring a blessing to your convenience bag: donation

Abo, on the PrivatBank card for IM Karapetyan Tetyana Yuryevna — Special Assistant to Blagomai Fund: 5168 7422 2763 3298

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