The program “Medical office” provided assistance to the Orphanage, Gadyach, Poltava region, the orphanage, Lutsk, Volyn region, Center for socio-psychological rehabilitation for children, p. Sezenkov, Kiev region, Center for socio-psychological rehabilitation for children, Vinnitsa.

You still know about the project of our Medicare Cabinet fund, which is especially relevant at a time.

Miserably, they added:
700 medical masks
1100 disposable gloves
29l. hand antiseptics
10l. a hassle for mitty and disinfection
aspirator electronic nasal

2 dispensers for children
2l. zasobu-concentrate for disinfection
instrument table
2 monthly translations
4 electronic thermometers

The whole help was delivered to the chotiri children’s booths:

Hadyatsky child’s bunks of Poltava regional sake.
Volinsky region of special services for children’s cottages for children with central nervous system and mental disorders.
Kyiv Regional Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Center, Sezenkiv village, Kyiv region. Vinnytsia regional social and psychological center of children.

Vdyachny for donation to our beneficiaries — company Kar’ra s TERRA FOOD.

More details about the consumption in medical products and you can bachiti on our website in the  «Medicinal cabinet»:

And in the  «Donate» rally, you can take part as part of a good reference — do not go around the house and bring a handy bag for you: donation

Abo, on the PrivatBank card for IM Karapetyan Tetyana Yuryevna — Special Assistant to Blagomai Fund: 5168 7422 2763 3298

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