The program «Medical Cabinet» provided assistance to the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Children, Chernivtsi.

Good news. We have one for you!

100 medical masks
non-contact thermometer
3 bagatorazovі masks
5l hand sanitizer.

I’ll help you a lot, I’m worth 7950 UAH for the backlog, I was delivered to the Center for Social and Psychological Rehab Children at the right of children of the Chernivtsi ODE.

Vdyachny for the donation to the project “Medicinal cabinet” to our beneficiaries — OTP Bank.

More details about the consumption in medical products and you can bachiti on our website in the  «Medicinal cabinet»:

And in the «Donate», you can partly dobrih sprav — do not go home from time to time to make a bag comfortable for you.

Abo — to the PrivatBank card for IM Karapetyan Tetyana Yuryevna — Special Assistant to Blagomai Fund: 5168 7422 2763 3298

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