April progress report.

We love you to talk about the good, and even more likely to focus on the positive and by yourself pull him into life. See pam’yatate — on whom the focus is, that in life and more.

I am pleased to present to you the Blagomai Foundation for the period 2020 rock. For a month, a kind of all of you was held in Izolyatsia. That kind help was not paused.

Vdyachnі for the skin sacrifice, yak zdi zdіysnyuvali, but mi — maly I can protect the children’s bosom need.

399 blessings for a month!
Total blessings for the sum of 558096 UAH., 47 kopecks. For a quarter, we added support for 597985 UAH.

In the main, medical care is the possession of the project of our Medicare Office fund, which seemed to be the most affordable for Denmark, I wanted to quarantine it a little.

In more detail with dowry items, you can help yourself know about the image of our sound.

Dyakumo vіd іmenі dіtey kompanіyam, yakі helped:
1 Bank TOV
 EY Ukraine
 OTP Bank
 TOV «Sandora»
 Aval Bank

Pospishaymo robiti kindly help:
Poznachte in the post of friend / girlfriend, like loving good
broaden your post at your own place — and even later, a little good reference!

It’s possible for you friends to help out about help and help children!

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