The Medical Cabinet program helped the Trypillian Training and Rehabilitation Center, p. Trypillia.

▪️300 medical masks
▪️1 contactless thermometer
▪️500 disposable gloves and ▪️15 liters of antiseptic in
The Trypillia Training and Rehabilitation Center of the Kyiv Oblast — total aid amounting to 20000 UAH.

Thankful for the financial donations to the Medical Cabinet project
to our philanthropists - to individuals.

You can see more about the needs for medical goods on our site in the section «Medical office»:

There, in the «Donate» section, you can be part of the good things without leaving your home. After all, you can get help for any amount that is comfortable for you on the website of the Blagomai Foundation
or on a map of PrivatBank named after Karapetyan Tatyana — co-founder of the Blagomai Foundation: 5168 7422 2763 3298

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