The Medical Office program helped the Child’s Home in Novograd-Volynsky, Zhytomyr Region.

Pospishaєmo podlitysya with you good news

A range of special events for children’s bishops in the Zhytomyr region for the sake of the city of Novograd, even with the help of the “Medicinal Cabinet” program from our Foundation.

We added 10 mercury thermometers, 3 bactericidal
opromіnuvachі peresuvn OBP-225,
10 electronic thermometers,
1 tonometer mechanical and two automatic — total on the zagalny bag 32 270 UAH.

Wislovlyuchno dullness to the beneficiaries — Volodimir the Wise and Marina Іshchenko.
Good deed, turn round before you!

You can also do good right at home. Zdіsniti donation for be-yak bag is available on our website
but on the PrivatBank card for IM Karapetyan Tetyana Yuryevna — the sponsor of the Blagomai Fund: 5168 7422 2763 3298

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