March progress report.

If we in the Fund were willing to call for a 2020 spring, we were looking for it, and then for the two quarantines. I am glad that I don’t cry out for good, I’m independent of the situation with the pandemic.

The sum of the donation for a month becomes 692 371UAH. 19cope. of yak on 539 941 UAH 20kop. purchased items of assistance (yakі Same — read on the image). First and foremost, remember, remember our desire, we really did it all with the “Ti Mozhes” Foundation — a tab of the psychological mark of LIKE CAMP, in which 30 part of Ukraine’s children took part.

The given data in numbers and can be divided into images.
And mi — pospishamo give a donation to a volunteer a month Olexandr Gorbanenko and the companies that helped us: PepsiCo KPMG-Ukraine,
Bank LLC, AGT LLC, NEOSINTEZ LLC, ZZBK BETONENERGO LLC. Pospishaymo robiti, kindly do it: please, make a friend / girlfriend in your post, like to love your goodness, expand your post at your own place — and I’ll be a little good again! It’s possible for you friends to help out about help and help children!

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