The Blagomai team assisted children from the Kiev Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children, Father’s House, in Svyatopetrovsk, Kiev Region.

5.200,00 hryvnias were spent on the purchase of 3 pieces of sweatshirts for girls, 1 piece of sweatshirts for boys, 15 pairs of tights for girls, 15 pairs of hats for boys,

For children from the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children «Father’s House», s. Svyatopetrovsk, Kiev region.

We sincerely thank: NKV Zelensad, for the donations listed to the fund.

If you want to help children deprived of parental love and care, then join the educational WOW Kids Camp! Together, doing good is easier!

Read more about the camp here:

You can become speakers during the camp on February 17-23, 2020. Write to

You can donate to organize the camp on the foundation website

Or on the Privat 5168 7422 2763 3298 card (Tatyana Yuryevna Karapetyan, co-founder of the Blagomay Foundation

If your legal entity needs a letter of request for a donation, write to Blagomay fund managers
0672169955 Anna Tkachenko
0672179955 Bohdan Melnyk

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