Trip to children’s house “Mriya Pereyaslavshchyny” (photos)

28 of July Charity Fund “Charitymay” made a trip to the center of social-psychological rehabilitation of the children “Mriya Pereyaslavshchyny” in Tsybli,Kievregion. Philanthropists came together with members of the Fund.

14 children of different age greeted us in the center; the youngest were 2 years old. We met with their educators who care about children every day. Educators behave with them in a very good way, its no wonder that some children call them “mother”.

For the period that we spent in the center, we played with small children, communicate with older ones, educators, see the conditions and how children live. For example, as for today their leisure time consist of computer games, football, swimming in Dnipro river, walking. Some children of this center had an opportunity to visit children’s camp this summer.


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Special thanks to philanthropists, who donated fruits, clothes to children, and also needed building materials for repair of the Center, specifically:

- Member of the Fund Mehmet Eren and Tanya Tykhonenko, for transportation facility of the trip;

-Sponsor of the Fund ( 4life company) — Tamara and Rozalii Kobyliansky, for fruits and clothes to children;

-Tatyana Belous for the clothes, front putty and prime coating for repair;

-Ludmyla, for prime coating for repair.

Thank you!

Anyone interested can always join the activities of our Fund!

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Call: 044-583-50-61 or 096-366-97-90.


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