«Get to know Ukraine» — new project of CF “Charitymay”

Dear friends, we are starting new project “Get to knowUkraine”! The aim of the project is to familiarize children from 12 children’s houses ofKievregion with cultural wealth of Ukraine.

Children will visit every region of Ukraine, whereupon we handle the contest for the best picture of trip impressions. Winner-group will visitCrimea. Completion of the project will be an exhibition of children’s drawings – “Get to knowUkraineby children eyes”.

The project “Get to knowUkraine” aims to mainstream the implementation of the CF “Charitymay” – social adaptation of children from children’s houses.

Expected results of the project:

- Children will gain knowledge about various corners of their country

- Children will become more patriotic

- Children will improve the experience of communication and be easy to get in touch with, increase their communication skills

- Children will have an incentive to further develop

- Citizens who will monitor the project will be more actively traveling throughoutUkraine

We invite you to become a sponsor of the project!

Your sponsorship will adopt a positive image and good reputation, and thanks to your help make hundreds of children happy!

Your suggestions and comments can be sent to: info.charitymay@gmail.com


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