The Miracle Factory program helped Ovcharuk, a family-type orphanage, p. Sands, Chernihiv region.

UAH 16.850.00 was spent on the purchase of 5 pairs of winter shoes for girls, 6 pairs of winter shoes for boys, 4 pieces of winter jackets for girls, 5 pairs of pants for girls, 4 pairs of pants for boys. For children from the Family-type orphanage Ovcharuk, s. Sands, Chernihiv region. The funds were raised at the #ICHARITYStandUp charity auction held on December 11, 2019 in Alaska by the Blagomai Foundation together with Iconic Creations. Sincere gratitude to everyone who provided lots for a charity auction and all who purchased them, donating children from children’s homes in Ukraine to help. If you want to help give gifts to children deprived of parental love and care, then join the program «Factory of Miracles»! Together, doing good is easier. You can see the needs of children in the wards of the 83 children’s homes fund at If you want to go to the Orphanage with useful gifts and pay attention to children: 0672159955 Snejana Bovtut If your legal entity needs a letter of request for a donation, write to the fund managers # Blagomay 0672169955 Anna Tkachenko 0672179955 Bohdan Melnyk Donate for warm jackets and boots on the foundation website Or on the Privat 5168 7422 2763 3298 card (Tatyana Yuryevna Karapetyan, co-founder of the Blagomay Foundation #factory wonders #goodly #blagomay #charitymay #charity #new year # new year2020 # Christmas # help for children # help easy

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