12/23/2019, the Fund helped in the amount of 11,008.00 UAH to the Tarashchensky geriatric boarding house, from Chernin, Kiev region.

The Blagomai Charitable Foundation purchased and handed over 10 pairs of winter shoes and 8 packs of diapers for a sum of 11,008.00 UAH for grandfathers and grandmothers to the Tarashchansky geriatric boarding house, from Chernin, Kiev region!

We express our gratitude to the benefactor, whose donations were used to purchase winter shoes and diapers: GAVRIKOV ELENA NIKOLAEVN.

Dear reader of this news, you can also help the nursing home by clicking on this link http://charitymay.com/how-to-help/make-donation You can make your donation in any way convenient for you.

Also, you can sign up for regular donations through Privat24 / through the fund’s website, and then every month the amount you set will be automatically deducted from your account for good deeds.
Hurry to do good deeds, improving the childhood of children from children’s homes in Ukraine!

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