Factory of Miracles.

We are happy to announce that our most reverent and fabulous program “Factory of Miracles” has already begun

As in ordinary families, children in orphanages look forward to the New Year holidays. And of course, every child is expecting gifts.

This year the Blagomay Foundation received many requests from children’s homes about the needs of children in winter shoes

and jackets.

You can already today join the creation of the atmosphere of Miracle so that not a single child is left without care and warmth. Your warmth and care can warm an orphan, regardless of where you are, in what country of the world, how much you are busy, how much you have. After all, little help does not happen!

You can donate in just one minute to the “Factory of Miracles” program on the Blagomay Foundation website charitymay.com or on the fund card in Privat Bank 5168 7422 2763 3298 Karapetyan Tatyana Yurievna co-founder of the BLAGOMAI fund.

The approximate cost of a jacket and boots for one child is 2000 UAH.
And we invite you to create a warm miracle for more than 5000 children from 80 orphanages throughout Ukraine with us!

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