Sabbatarian to shelter animals

At support of fund of Blagomay, in town of Krivoy Rog, street Lista 28, 6 Saturday cleanings up is conducted already in private shelter for  zoons, which 30 dogs, 5 cats, are in. Shelter was Visited on purpose process zoons from fleas and help a woman, by name Amanda, to put shelter in an order after a fire. Unfortunately, about this woman and that it rescues many zoons from death, the few knows. And those, who knows, are displeased at its activity, and try to inflict shelter harm.Its dogs were poisoned rat poison, but not so a long ago set on fire its house. Fortunately, it had time to rescue all zoons, but things, supplies of meal, medications, all burned out. Now it needs a help catastrophically.

Shelter to be on a summer residence area, 750Т kv meters  of earth, but is so, that a misfortune comes from from nowhere. And it is forced was to give up work and search materials for building on dumps.The first impression was frightening off, but we decided to collect not indifferent, and our small results to date.

Persons interested to help zoons, request to contact with Julia Gayvoronskaya +38 (067) 539-82-40

Skype: rigaya143


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