On March 3,2019,a trip to the orphanage «Cheburashka» took place. Rokytne, Belotserkovsky district, Kiev region (details in the news)

On Sunday morning, the volunteers went to the village. Rokitnoye, visit the wards of the orphanage «Cheburashka».
The company is not small: Marina (auto-volunteer), Artyom (auto-volunteer), Elena (volunteer master), Tatiana (volunteer master), Anna (volunteer), Sofia (volunteer).
This time, a master — class was organized for the pupils of the orphanage where children learned to weave bracelets with beads. The children were very pleased, everyone had unique bracelets for memory and good impressions from communication. With children we drew, played various games.
The charity foundation «Blagomay» expresses gratitude to all participants of the trip for the joy and spring positive presented to the children, the gifts transferred to the children !!!

By the way, there is a great opportunity to help children in education on our charity educational project # WOWKIDSFORUM-5, which will be held on April 20.

See how WOW Kids Forum — 4: https://www.facebook.com/charitymayUkraine/videos/388685648370719/
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