Project «Easter miracle»

Dear philanthropists, we are really sorry for delaying the report about project “Easter miracle”!

We want to thank sincerely to all who help us to fulfill this project. Children from 7 children’s houses of Kiev region were happy with the presents and conducted master classes. 

 4 of April 2012 – lesson in the children’s house “Lubystok”  “Easter by children’s eyes” in partnership with “Women’s club”, Novi Petrivci village (Kiev region)

  We conducted several Easter egg’s painting master classes in few children’s houses in April. As a result we decided to continue this project and call it “Easter miracle”. It was a miracle indeed, because we were telling stories about krashanka/pysanka – where did it get from, and why this holiday is celebrated, what is the difference between krashanka and pysanka; what is the meaning of every ornament. Even teachers were listening with a great intention. During stay in “Lubystok” representatives of Women club played games with the children “Yaice-raice”, Easter baton “Paint the pysanka”. Children were taking active participation and were the best all together. After the baton every child received wooden egg and note pad for memory.

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5 of April 2012 – krashanky painting master class in partnership with Ivana Gonchara museum(master Elena) in the center of social-psychological rehabilitation of the children in Kopylov village (Kiev region)

 In the history of painting Easter eggs is said, that before this process you should pray. Here we do not even planned, but priest came to the children and tell them about Easter, gave presents to everybody and prayed. After that children started to work on egg painting. They were made very quickly and looked creatively! Only boys were participating in the process and it was amazing to look on their efforts. The member of Charitymay  Fund gave greeting gifts, souvenir cookies in the shape of Easter eggs,  toys of hand skates for boys, real princess notepads  for girls. Children were treated with bananas, oranges and candies. Master class was held by master Alena from Ivana Gonchara museum.

People who took part in the trip: volunteer Svitlana, master Alena, and Svitlana Yashchenko, board member.

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7 of April 2012 – master class of Easter egg krashanka painting with Mariana Eleiko master and  TV presenter Natalia Sopit in the children’s social-psychological rehabilitation center «Zlagoda», Bila Tserkva (Kiev region);

This master class was special because of two masters Mariana Eleiko and Natalia Sopit, amiable person and TV presenter of “Inter” channel. Children were excited about Easter eggs painting. They demonstrated their fantasy on the go and immediately embodied it on the pysanka. Mariana painted the eggs and Natalia made beautiful applications with children. Guys were treated with cookies, presents,variable fruits and have eaten them at once.

People who took part in the trip: Denis Khrulin, Mariana Eleiko, Natalia Sopit.

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7 of April 2012 – was conducted master class of Easter eggs painting in partnership with Ivana Gonchara museum (master Elena) in children’s house Kolyska dytiachoi nadii” Novosilky village (Kiev region);

Children are very creative and quick to grasp, so we made two Easter eggs instead of one. After master class, gypsy Shoni sang a song for us, the rest of the children showed different gymnastic exercises, walked on their hands and “heads”. They usually make this kind of show every time we come. Children were treated with presents, sweets, and congratulated with the Easter holiday. Children asked us to come more frequent. Alena from Ivana Gonchara museum conducted master class.

People who took part in the trip: Yurii and Svitlana Yashchenko, master Alena.

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21 of April 2012 – master class of Tripoli wooden spoon painting (master Katharina Poliarush) in children’s house “Solnyshko” Burty village(Kiev region);

This trip proved to be very creative, because master Katharina Poliarush surpassed all expectation of the children and taught them the elements of painting spoon ornaments of Tripoli culture. At present there are 10 children in the age of from 10 till 17 years. After finish of the process happy children called the master class “Wonder spoon”!!!

People who took part in the trip: Olga Zosimova, Katharina Poliarush, driver Sergey.

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22 of April 2012 – Center of social-psychological rehabilitation of children «Mriya Pereyaslavshchyny» Cybli village (Kiev region)

This trip was saturated with gifts but without master class.

Volunteer-driver Alla and Evgenii Komarov took part in the trip. They had productive communication with the children. Kids were sharing their stories from every day life, plans for the future, who they want to become when grow up and what are they interested in. Children were treated with the presents, cookies, and fruits. We are really sorry for this case.

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29 of April 2012 – master class “Decoration of plastic cup using the decoupage technique” (master Natalia Stogniy) in children’s house “Prolisok”, Vovchkiv village, (Kiev region) 

This day was held the last master class as a part of project “Easter miracle”. Children were creating cups with the napkins. We took 150 km to get to Vovchkiv village. Children greeted us with good and sunny mood and were ready to get new knowledge.  At presents there are 17 children in the children’s house: 15 boys and 2 girls. The age range is from 4 till 12 years.

All children agreed to take part in master class with decoupage technique with great pleasure. The smallest children, three brothers of the same age, were driving the car on the knees of Vladimir. They received a lot of fun because they drive and change gears by themselves.

People who took part in the trip: Fund members Tatiana Skrygina, Olga Zosimova, Maecenas Vladimir Sudrab, master Natalia.

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