Belopolskiy orphanage

Belopolskiy orphanage is located on the former farmstead of general Rudkovsky, where he used to arrive with his family at the beginning of century during the summer vacation. After The Great October socialistic revolution a farmstead passed to the use of people.

In honor of 50th Anniversary of Soviet state’s founding in 1968 at the direction of executive committee of Sumy regional Soviet of Working People’s Deputies Belopolskiy house-boarding school was open in this building for boys with mental disability. The first pupils (94 men) arrived in house-boarding-school on February, 9 1968.

Since 2001 until now the collective of house-boarding school is headed by Vladimir Ivanovich Turchin.

According to the «Regulations of Belopolskiy house-boarding school «, for the September 1, 2017, the orphanage is an institution for stay / residence of pupils of the II profile (with moderate mental retardation and/or severe mental disorders) and pupils of the third profile (pupils with severe and deep mental retardation and/or persistent mental disorders). There are institutes of the youth and neuropsychiatric departments, which are structural units of the orphanage.

The main tasks are:

1) ensuring the rights and interests, day-to-day employment, living conditions, social services, involvement of the territorial community, rehabilitation and rendering medical care to the pupils;

2) provision of social services such as inpatient care, social rehabilitation, representation of interests, social and psychological rehabilitation;

3) carrying out a complex of rehabilitation measures in accordance with an individual rehabilitation plan, as well as planned preventive, sanitary, anti-epidemic and health-improving measures.

v  Wards and pupils are on full state provision and are provided in accordance to the established norms: housing, clothing, footwear, bed linens, soft and hard implements and tableware.

v  Groups are equipped with modern living rooms for 4 — 5 people, a classroom, playroom, modern equipped toilet, washroom, shower room, sports and assembly halls. On the territory there are playgrounds and promenades with fairytale glades.

v  Much attention is paid to ensuring the rights of the patients for health and medical care.

Annually in summer, pupils and wards of the boarding-house rests in Sumy State preschool health office (sanatorium type) «Rovesnik».

Also a lot of events are organized in summer, such as ecological trails, hikes, trips to the Seym river, excursions to Putivl and Spadshchansky forest, Molchensky monastery, Trostyanets village, Sumy city with a visit to McDonald’s and a creative exhibition.

Complicated tasks of wards socialization, formation of their vital competencies, and the implementation of individual rehabilitation programs can be solved through a well-equipped medical treatment cabinet, where wards can receive productive and qualitative rehabilitation services. Physiotherapy and dental offices work efficiently.
Organization and carrying out of cultural events are at the high level: mentor of leisure activities and educators teach pupils to enjoy music, control voice and learn the art of dance.  Athletics competitions, cycling, mobile games, football lessons on a sports ground with a football field, a labyrinth, training on darts, tennis in sports clubs help to strengthen health and develop their physical qualities.
Pupils of house-boarding school are participants and winners of competitions, festivals of various levels. The children of the institution join different types of creativity, working in the sawing techniques, decoupage, quilling, appliqués, paper-plastic, papier-mâché, beadwork, molding from various kinds of material; older children are very fond of modeling, engraving, and most of all — beading. Everyone can sing, paint, listen to music, read magazines, books, watch films and TV shows.

Address of the orphanage: 41800, Belopolye, 3th September Street, 23


Contact phone: (05443) 9-28-93, 9-03-84

Number of children: 131

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